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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Tips For Stress-Free Travel With Pets


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Tips For Stress-Free Travel With Pets


Summer travel season begins soon. Some pet parents (including your friends at would prefer long road trips over flying just to have the chance to share the experience with their pets. However, traveling with pets requires extra planning, especially if they are eating special diets or have anxiety. Here are a few tips to help make your trip a breeze:



Pre-Travel Preparation

Checklist: Make sure to pack essential items such as food, water, medications, leash, supplements, collar with ID tags, bedding, toys, and any necessary documents. Writing out a list ahead of time is a good way to confirm you have everything your pet may need.

Veterinary Visit: Schedule a pre-travel vet visit to ensure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations and to obtain any required health certificates.


Coolers: If your pets eats a diet that needs to be refrigerated, consider a heavy-duty insulated cooler (like a Yeti). Using dry ice can keep raw pet food frozen for at least one day of travel.


Pill Packs:  Prepare pill packs combining your pet's supplements into small baggies so they are easy to administer. 

Microchipping or Tracking Device: Consider microchipping your pet or using a tracking device around their collar such as an Apple Air Tag before traveling. We often hear of pets unexpectedly bolting out of a hotel room, rest stop area or vehicle because they are in an unfamiliar area.


Choose Pet-Friendly Accommodations


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Research: Look for pet-friendly hotels, vacation rentals or campsites that cater to pets' needs. Websites like BringFido or GoPetFriendly can help you find suitable options. Marriott has many pet friendly offerings. Just be sure to check the boarding fees upfront so there aren't any surprises. Once you arrive at your destination, seek out the doggie potty area before bringing your luggage to your room.




Travel Safety


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Restraints: Secure your pet during car travel using a crate, pet seatbelt, or travel carrier to prevent injury in case of accidents. Dogs will often bolt out of the car unexpectedly.  

Temperature Control: Avoid leaving pets in hot cars and provide adequate ventilation, water, and snacks to keep them comfortable during travel.



Settling In & Managing Anxiety


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Familiarization: After you have pottied your pet, give them a chance to explore the new environment. Set up a cozy corner with their bed and toys. Some dogs like to cuddle up under the desk because it feels safe. Show your pet where their food and water dishes are and give them a special treat.

Comfort Items: Bring along familiar items from home, such as bedding, toys and their favorites snacks.    


Keep The Same Schedule:  As much as possible, keep your pet on the same feeding and supplement schedule that you follow at home. Pets are creatures of habit, and maintaining their usual routine helps them feel safe, happy, and healthy. 



Health and Safety


ID Tags: Make sure that your pet's ID tags have current contact information. Consider attaching temporary travel tags with destination details.

Emergency Kit: Pack a pet first aid kit with essentials like prior medications or sprays for wounds. If you are hiking where there are bears or ticks, consider flea/tick medications, a bear bell and always bring a portable water dish. Pets can get diarrhea or an upset stomach when traveling, so plan ahead and bring any necessary medication from your veterinarian.