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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Halloween Shelties Dressed Up In Costumes

Laura Radosta Halloween Pic
"This is Sangria (13.5) and Flirt (5), enjoying their Howl-o-ween! Sangria takes the Pancreatitis and Liver Support Kit.  She has suffered from pancreatitis problems, malnutrition and IBD.  These supplements have helped her so much, even the vets can't believe how well she is doing now! Flirt also takes some of the supplements such as the K9 Digestive Enzymes and is in the best of health....thanks Ask Ariel!!"  Laura, Illinois 

Talk about a bundle of love! Look at all of these precious pets! Mom Tammi from Florida is a remarkable pet owner who rescues dogs from the most egregious circumstances. All of these babies are rescued animals that she has transformed from abandoned and neglected to pampered and cherished. A real shout-out to Tammi for her amazing care of Baxter, Bailey, Bandit, Lily and Brody Bear. Baxter is 20 years old!!! What lucky pups to have found dear Tammi!  Come read about their stories by visiting our Facebook page!

"My Kai is blind, has collapsed trachea and had bladder stones. Having had antibiotics 4 times this year with a urinary infection that kept coming back. I found Ask Ariel online, looking for homeopathy. Kai has been on Immune Support Kit also Akutur and Renelix. She has improved a lot and is spunky with energy too!

Thank you so much for an alternative from the usual veterinary care available in my area."   
Valerie, CA

Meet two beautiful 12 year old Italian Greyhounds Chip (on the left) and Princess. Chip has collapsed trachea but his Mom Sharon has been giving him Ultraflex Collagen Support consistently for over a year which has helped calm the horrible, honking cough he had previously. The product helps to strengthen the trachea cartilage over time. He may still have days when he coughs but his Mom says that it is no longer the coughing that sounds like a goose--a classic symptom of collapsed trachea.