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Sunday, January 20, 2013

In Memory of Beautiful Sailor, Rescued White German Shepherd

Sailor and Baby Billy the Kitty

In October of 2011, Sailor, a beautiful white German Shepherd was found on a woman’s front porch in San Diego, close to death. He apparently had been out on his own for months. The animal shelter picked him up and, realizing that he was close to death, called Maria Dales, Director of  German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County (GSROC).  GSROC saved the dog's life, named him Sailor and immediately took him for veterinary care.

When Sailor was rescued, he had lost most of his hair, his hearing and eyesight were severely impaired and he was terribly underweight.  German Shepherd Rescue provided the much needed veterinary care for him and Sailor miraculously got better.  A wonderful woman named Marcia gave her whole heart to him,  adopted Sailor and gave him a joyous new life.   As there are so many needy pets that desperately require adoption and most people are looking for healthy young pets, it was such a kind and generous gift to welcome this senior dog into her home. Marcia had another elderly dog named Chuckie and several cats, but somehow they all got along just fine.  

With Marcia's love and unending devotion, Sailor got a real life.  He went on walks, got to know many friends and neighbors and was pampered with the utmost love and attention.  Marcia is an angel to the animals and everywhere she goes, the pets love her.  Her dedication and concern for Sailor was unwaivering. 

Sailor had numerous “jobs” within the household.  Marcia's black Persian kitty, Mokie, thought that Sailor was “mom”. Mokie would find Sailor and hold his face up to be washed. He would not retreat until Sailor washed his face thoroughly, including his ears. Sailor also had to “orient” a new kitty, Baby Billy (pictured), who arrived, desperately needing a home. Sailor decided that Billy’s daily routine should include a bath! Billy learned quickly to relent and let Sailor get that bath checked off his list for the day! Sailor’s largest job, however, was bonding with Annie. Annie is a partly feral cat who has her own room and is still working on trust. Annie left her room to be out with Sailor in the early morning when the other kitties and Chuckie were sleeping. It didn’t take Annie long to trust this “gentle giant” who had come into her house. Sailor and Annie spent many quiet, peaceful early morning hours together. Annie now sits alone quietly in the morning where she always sat with him…

 Funny, but Sailor did not live up to his name – he did not like water! When sprinklers came on during his walk, he skirted the wet area like it was poison. He did not like the rain and carefully stepped over each puddle!  Sailor was an older soul … he had a calcified disk in his back and arthritis.  Over time, Marcia needed to use a supportive harness to help him get around.

Marcia gave Sailor a beautiful life and it may have been the first time he ever knew what a real family was.  He cherished every minute with her.  But, sadly, his legs could no longer hold him up and Sailor couldn't stand.  Marcia employed every type of medical treatment for Sailor, veterinarians, specialists and holistic care, but it was Sailor's time to say goodbye.  Sailor passed away on January 14, 2013.  Sailor's beautiful soul will always be a shining light in Marcia's life and for all of us, who knew and cherished this special dog.  We will miss you Sailor.  We will love you forever.