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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fish Oil For Pets: Glass Bottles Prevent Rancid Omega 3s

Fish oil for pets can be full of more problems than benefits.  This is because the oil is typically packed in inexpensive plastic bottles which can leach toxins into the oil.  Moreover, many pet fish oils have not been purified for heavy metals, PCBs and are overheated.  This means that when you give your pet the fish oil, you may be giving your pet more chemicals and toxins rather than a healthy nutritious food.

Veterinary-recommended Amazing Omegas are sold in glass bottles to preserve the freshness and quality of the fish oil.  The product is produced naturally and is made from anchovies and sardines.  Toxins, PCBs, mercury are gently removed from the oil.  Amazing Omegas are third-party tested to ensure that the product delivers a rich array of Omega 3 fatty acids.

The difference is in the results.  There is just no comparison which is why Amazing Omegas are sold at $30 a bottle at veterinary hospitals.  Ask Ariel sells the Amazing Omegas at a discounted price of $23.50 and the bottles are kept fresh to  prevent rancidity. Ever smell an old bottle of vegetable oil and the odor is putrid? The same can happen with fish oil.  Rancidity occurs as the highly sensitive fish oil becomes exposed to air and oxidation occurs.  By packing in dark glass bottles, Amazing Omegas reduces the likelihood of rancid oil and ensures it is fresh and highly bioavailable nutritious food for your cat or dog.