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Friday, February 1, 2013

Golden Retriever Swims in the Pool and Scratches A Lot

Q: Our golden retriever swims in our pool all the time.  He scratches a lot.  His coat is really dry and he has a smelly ears.  Could the chlorine in the pool water be affecting his coat?

A:  Chlorine in the pool water can definitely dry out your golden retriever's coat.  It's really important to give your dog Amazing Omegas to help his coat right away.  You need a powerful omega 3 fish oil that will stop the scratching and dandruff.  Try to wash your dog with water after he goes in the pool.  Also, for the smelly ears, use the Power Probiotic.

When dogs have smelly ears, it is often an indication of an ear infection.  Be sure to get your dog checked by a veterinarian.  Also, use the Power Probiotic regularly to prevent yeast overgrowth.  Chlorine can promote yeast so the Power Probiotic will help to promote healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract especially since your dog swallows the chlorine water.