Monday, June 12, 2023

Rescued Husky Roo is Now In His Furever Home

Meet Roo, short for Buckaroo, our new saddleback husky. While shy around people, Roo comes to life around other dogs and kicks up his heels like a white horse with a black saddle. For those who have lost a treasured pet, you know the devastating grief we experienced after losing beloved Legend. Roo has Legend’s sweet temperament and eyes and we feel like Legend sent him to us. We drove to South Central LA to rescue Roo and he is adjusting to his new home. Sadly he had been horribly mistreated as a pup but a kind rescuer saved him. Roo was left abandoned, tied up outside in a very rough neighborhood. Roo is helping our hearts to heal and we hope to give him a wonderful life.