Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Natural Remedy Helps Senior Cat's IBD

I just want to thank you for your products, I purchased the IBD kit for my cat Lucky. He was having issues with vomiting, and had trouble holding food down even though he was hungry. My vet tested for feline viruses, performed a biopsy of the spleen, and administered steroid injections and cerenia for vomiting, but the treatment lasted for shorter periods of time. He was losing weight and was fading before my eyes. I prefer more natural treatments, so I stopped the vet visits, to try something else more natural. What did we have to lose at this point? I received the IBD Kit and administered the supplements orally and he immediately began to eat. At first it was occasional vomiting, and I was still feeding the prescribed veterinary diet from my vet. We were making progress, but he was still sick. I decided to forgo that food & try the recommended diet that came with my order. He ate it immediately and began to slowly increase his food intake, slowly gaining back some weight. I periodically gave him the supplements when he had a minor relapse. Today he is eating regularly and is keeping it down. Thank you for your products and advice. It means so much that our cat is having a much more normal life even if we have to live with his IBD. - Helen Kintner, Georgia