Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Be Careful Overindulging Pets On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming and we need to be careful about overindulging our adorable pets. Emergency visits due to pancreatitis spike after Thanksgiving and Christmas. Small dogs are especially at risk. Table scraps such as fat from meat, gravy, stuffing and pies can make a dog's pancreas swollen and inflamed. If your dog displays symptoms (swollen abdomen, upset stomach, arched back, lethargy), see a vet immediately. It’s hard to resist begging eyes, but human treats are not good for pets. Candy, cookies, ice cream and lattes can make your pet sick. Even though our pets may seem and act human-like, their digestive and immune systems are different than ours. You can still still spoil your pup by having a wide variety of dog treats set out for family members to give them.