Friday, March 13, 2020

Warning About Pets And Sugar

Warning! Many pet owners are unknowingly giving their pets sugar which can lead to cancer, obesity, dental problems, ear infections, digestive symptoms, UTIs and diabetes.....just to name a few! Sugar is listed as cane juice, molasses, maple syrup, sucrose, etc. Many "healthy" or natural treats contain sugar as well as most name brand grocery store biscuits. Sugar spikes insulin leaving your pet hungrier than ever and can contribute to health problems. Sugar is included because manufacturers use it to disguise the taste of unpleasant chemicals and to increase the palatability of foods. The more they eat....the more you will buy! Real meat and protein in the form of a freeze dried treat is very tasty to most pets and does not need sugar. Examples of healthy treats: Instinct, Stella and Chewy’s and Primal freeze dried, Vital Essentials, Liv a Littles freeze dried and Hare of the Dog rabbit jerky. Please look on your pet’s treat labels and select low carbohydrate brands without sugar added. For more pet nutrition tips please click here to visit our site