Sunday, March 29, 2020

Signs of Feline IBS

Has your cat been diagnosed with IBD or IBS? Signs can include diarrhea, extra finicky eating, straining, abdominal pain, vomiting, lethargy and weight loss. You can help your kitty gain weight and feel better with diet changes and Ask Ariel's IBD Kit. Cats are carnivores and fare best on a high protein, low carbohydrate, high moisture diet. Many cat diets are just the opposite—high in starchy carbohydrates (especially dry food) to keep the costs down and to make them convenient to use. Cats can develop intolerances to certain ingredients and stress is a factor too. Ask Ariel’s IBD Kit contains 3 easy to use natural remedies to help improve digestion and relieve digestive discomfort. Also to help calm your kitty, do all you can to create a peaceful area where your cat feels safe. Please click here to learn more.