Monday, February 17, 2020

Do Pets Need Schedules?

Cats and dogs are creatures of habit and develop routines based on their owner's schedule. It helps them feel safe and secure. Dogs and cats with diabetes, epilepsy and thyroid problems need to have food and medications at measured intervals during the day. It's easier to stick to an exercise plan if you walk or play at the same time every day. Pets experience stress just as we do and while a routine-driven life may seem boring to humans, keeping a regular schedule is very important for your cat or dog's good health. Changes in your schedule affect feeding times, exercise times and the amount of quality time you spend with your pet. If you have changes in your schedule, do what you can to have a neighbor or pet sitter check in on your pet or take them to a daycare facility. Sometimes our lives get so busy and we just don’t realize the impact it’s having on the health and happiness of our furry friends. For more pet nutrition help click here.