Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Natural Remedies For Cat With FIV Help Keep Stripe Going Strong

"Me and my son Stripe would like to thank Mrs Susan Davis for the diet tips and holistic supplements "You Rock" God bless you for the Love you have for others and their fur babies stay blessed" 

They say cats have 9 lives.....well Stripe sure has had more than that. Stripe has had a hard life but this kitty with FIV and stomatitis has a Dad who loves him.....Many stray animals endure horrible neglect but find someone who cares for them and they rebound. Stripe’s Dad is doing all he can to keep him going with a healthy diet, a few Ask Ariel supplements (QuentaSAN and Power Probiotic) and a whole lot of love. 

More from Stripe's dad:

Stripe is an amazing cat. Ever since a kitten, Stripe had it rough! He nearly died when he was a month old, he was gravely ill out of nowhere. Fast forward a couple of years, I noticed him throwing up and screaming. I took him to the vets and he was diagnosed with stomatitis! Well, I didn't know what stomatitis was, so I researched and got meds. Stripe was still ill, so I took him to the humane society where he was diagnosed with FIV. I freaked out, but nevertheless he's my son, so I thought we have a fight in hand. Stripe and I have been through a lot and I wholeheartedly love him, so I vowed never to give up and then I found Ask Ariel which has been a life saver for my handsome fur baby."
Feline viruses can be discouraging but diet changes and a few anti-viral supplements can be life-changing for a cat with FIV.  To learn more about holistic home remedies for cats with FIV, please click on the link.