Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween Pet Toy Contest Winners

Halloween Toy Contest Winners: A big THANK YOU to the adorable pet contestants as well as the wonderful participants who voted for your favorites. Everybody wins! We are giving a FREE SHIPPING Ask Ariel coupon to all of the participants. We also awarded a few extra prizes because some of the votes were VERY close. Here are the winners:

1st Place Amber Rose (Mom: Cheryl)

2nd Place Two Winners: Buster (Mom: Marti) and Clawdia Louise (Mom: Amy)

These three pets and their Moms will win the Grand Prize Goodie Giveaway.

We will also be sending a Halloween Toy to these winners with 27 or more likes:

Sangria and Flirt (Mom: Laura)
Baxter, Bailey, Lily, Bandit and Brody Bear (Mom: Tammi)
Bianca (Mom: Shelly)
Kai (Mom: Valerie)
Chip and Princess (Mom: Sharon)
Pebbles (Foster Mom: Gina)

Congratulations to all of the winners! Thanks again for all of your participation!