Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Resveratrol Supplement For Dogs Offers Many Benefits

Does your pet have mast cell tumors? A heart condition? Is your senior dog  low on energy? Resveratrol For Dogs is a powerful anti-oxidant that offers many benefits for dogs. 

Research is finding Resveratrol for Dogs can offer anti-aging benefits, cancer protection, cardiovascular support and immune system support---specifically in cases of autoimmune disorders. Resveratrol seems to re-balance and support immune function without hyperstimulation which can yield exciting results, increased energy.  Resveratrol for Dogs is a unique, premium formulation that is highly purified and potent. A small amount can go a long way.

Protects Against Recurring Mast Cell Tumors  

"Luna was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor in July 2015, and surgery was done in early August 2015. I reached out to Ask Ariel for recommended supplements, and Luna was placed on several at the time, but is now down to just two- Immune Harmony and the Resveratrol for Dogs. Thank God, she has been healthy with no recurrence." 
Laura L.- New York 2017

   Resveratrol Supports Immunity and Helps Fight Cancer

"Riley, my wonderful golden retriever and best friend was diagnosed with lymphoma at 6 years old..  He was given 6 months or less to live.  Our oncologist gave me Susan's card and I called her immediately.  She helped me change his diet and suggested supplements (*Resvertrol for Dogs, Probiotic for Pets, Soothing Digestives Relief ,and others) that would help.  We did all this and amazingly he lived 18 more months..." Cheri, San Diego