Sunday, March 25, 2018

Natural Treatments For Dog Ear Infections and Yeast

Is your dog getting ear infections? Chewing on her groin? Smelly paws? Odor after a bath?  These can all be signs of yeast overgrowth.  Give K9 Yeast Defense a try.  K9 Yeast Defense kills Yeast overgrowth that causes doggie odor, ear infections, itching and hair loss. Use with NotaSAN and Power Probiotic   for best results. Please click on the link to learn more.  Diet is a huge issue when it comes to dogs getting smelly paws, yeasty ears and chewing on their groin and genitals.  Please include your dog's diet on the order form at checkout.  Our nutritionist will include a free diet suggestion on the packing slip that comes with the product directions.  Say goodbye to yeast, ear infections and doggie odor with K9 Yeast Defense.  This home remedy for dogs with chronic ear infections, chewing, licking and ear odor really works!