Friday, January 26, 2018

A Walk Outside Can Do a World Of Good!

Photo Courtesy @SouthernDogSquad *
Get Outside
When young dogs are not given enough exercise, they can "act out" by engaging in destructive behavior. One way to improve your dog's behavior is to get them outside and let them explore the great outdoors. This engages all of their senses and provides them with a sense of peace, a release of endorphins and improved mood, thus reducing the possibility of boredom-destructive behavior. It is also good for you! Taking a walk outdoors can help to improve your mood during stressful times and is great for your heart, weight and overall sense of well being.  Dogs can give us a purpose and can teach us to take care of ourselves..... So lace up your shoes, put on a leash and get outside!

*Thank you to Becca, Professional Dog Trainer, in Vinings, GA (NW Atlanta)