Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Lucy Pet Foundation Brings Focus to Dog and Cat Shelter Euthanasia Rates

This 2017 Rose Parade float is magnificent but what is even more remarkable is the attention it is getting for Lucy Pet Foundation.  The float was paid for by Joey Herrick, co-founder and former President of Natural Balance Pet Foods and founder of Lucy Pet Foundation. The foundation is a charity that pays for free mobile spay and neuter services.  The goal of the Lucy Pet Foundation is to have spay/neuter and adoption mobile clinics in every major city in the country. Why is this important? In the US, over 4 million pets are euthanized each year in animal shelters alone. Spaying and neutering is a huge step toward reducing euthanasia rates.  We applaud Joey Herrick and the Lucy Pet Foundation for this wonderful float and bringing to light the euthanasia rates in animal shelters.  We hope more families will take advantage of their free mobile spay and neuter services and please donate to support such a wonderful cause! is dedicated to supporting rescue animals.  Rescued shelter pets often need a little extra veterinary support and pet nutrition at first.  If you have a rescue pet, please see our articles about pet nutrition.