Monday, November 30, 2015

How to Help Your Dog Through the Senior Years

  • Age is just a number.  Every dog is unique and if kept healthy and active throughout their lives can act years younger than their actual age. Starting them early on a healthy diet and exercise routine can be key.
  • Look for any changes in their behavior  and have them checked out by your veterinarian. Don't think it is just due to aging.  Many health condition found in older pets  (kidney disease, arthritis, hypothyroidism etc.) can be treated with great success
  • Diet and Exercise can have a great impact. Just as in humans, as we age our nutritional needs change. Feeding the proper diet and using holistic supplements (when needed) can improve the quality of life for your pet. For dietary support adding Power Probiotic for Pets and one of our digestive enzyme products can help them get the most from their diet
  • Old dogs can and do learn new tricks! Teaching your dog new things can help fight boredom and also keep their minds sharp. Using Purrfect CoQ10 for Pets can help with energy, alertness and heart health too.
  • The young will keep you young. Consider adding a new friend for your elderly pet. Dogs are pack animals and  some research has found that when multiple pets live together they live longer and have fewer medical problems.
  • Modify their living environment as needed. As pets age, they may need to have changes made to keep them safe and comfortable. It may include ramps to access car and furniture, elevated feeding bowls, padded beds to lessen pain, etc.