Sunday, October 18, 2015

Controlling Pet Odors in the Home

We have all entered a home and the first thing you notice is that they have a pet.  It may be the friendly greeting when the doorbell rings or the cute doggie bed "front and center" in the living room. But when it is the smell that hits your nose as soon as you enter the door, that's a problem!

Here are the three main reasons for pet odor in the home: 

  • Stinky litter box: Rule of thumb...the longer the box stays dirty the longer it will take to "clear the air" after it is emptied.  The best way to avoid the litter box odor is to scoop out quickly and change the litter box frequently.  Also, remember that multiple cats may require multiple litter boxes.
  • Stinky food: Smelly pet food can also linger in the air, just like when you cook something for yourself.  If your pet's diet requires you to feed them a food that has a strong smell, we recommend you feed them as a "meal"  a few times a day and not leave the food out for free feeding (which can also lead to spoiling and insects)
  • Stinky pet: If your pet still smells after having a bath, there may be an underlying health issue causing your pet to smell and you should seek out a veterinary professional to determine the cause. A few common issues are food allergies that cause skin problems, an overgrowth of yeast, or a bacterial infection.  A change of diet and using holistic supplements such as; Power Probiotics for Pets,  K-9 Yeast Defense, and Amazing Omegas can help. If a bacterial infection we would recommend adding Notatum and Quentans to the Power Probiotics and K-9 Yeast Defense.
  • Stinky flooring and furnishings from "accidents":   Be sure to wash pet beds regularly and get the carpet cleaned as they build up pet odors from the oils in their coats.  Pets need ample opportunities to relieve themselves so they don't have accidents in the house. It might be having a private place for your cat's litter box or frequent outings for your pooch. If they are still having "accidents" please visit your veterinarian to see if there is an undetected urinary tract infection (UTI).  If your pet is having repeat UTIs adding Pet UTI Prevention Formula can be very beneficial. 

The best way to keep your home smelling fresh and pet odor free is to be proactive!