Saturday, August 1, 2015

Symptoms and Treatments for Canine Lyme Disease

Lyme disease, in pets, can be very serious and debilitating. In the later stages, it can also lead to kidney disease and heat problems.   Lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is caused by being bit by an infected tick. It is important that you know the signs and be vigilant in checking all your pets for ticks that may be infected with the disease (especially in area where there are known cases). A pet is usually infected when the tick has been on the pet for more than 18 hours. Symptoms may not appear for months or even a year later. If infected, it can be very painful and cause lameness and arthritis. Important to note, can be transmitted to humans via tick bites too.

  • Arthritis (inflammation of joints) 
  • Stiff Back 
  • Lethargy 
  • Limping 
  • Lack of appetite Fever 
**Symptoms may be intermittent 
Many dogs affected with Lyme disease are taken to a veterinarian because they are showing signs of pain and have stopped eating. Affected dogs have been described as if they were "walking on eggshells."  The pet may have a fever and begun to limp. The systems can disappear and reappear.

Treatment: Usually treatment will involve a course of antibiotics for 1-4 weeks, which should help with symptoms, but it is impossible to eliminate the bacteria entirely and ongoing nutritional support is recommended. Using holistic supplements to help fight the infection, support the immune system and aid the kidneys, can be extremely beneficial in the battle of lyme disease .

Recommended Supplements for Lyme Disease:

  • Notatum and Quentans- natural infection fighters, boost immune system, target viral and bacterial components, can be used along with antibiotics
  • Amazing Omegas- powerful anti-inflammatory and reduces joint pain
  • Purrfect Pet CoQ10- core component of lyme disease treatment, promotes energy, antioxidant
  • Renelix- flushes out toxins accumulated in kidneys, support kidney health
  • Canine Comfort--greatly helps with overall pain and inflammation