Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pet Cancer Awareness

Pet Cancer Awareness is observed each May to bring attention to the types, frequency and options for pets with cancer. All pets, regardless of breed are at risk to developing cancer and as they age, the percentages increase (approximately 30% in older dogs according to the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine). We at Ask Ariel are here to help…here are two recent emails about pets with cancer and what we recommended  

Q: I am brand new to your site but I have heard the most amazing things about your team.  My furry baby, a maltese mix who is 10 years old just underwent a splenectomy for multiple masses on her spleen. Her spleen will be biopsied and then we will get results in the next few days. Regardless of the outcome, I want to get her on a wonderful plan of care…can you help?

A: We have so many great articles on our website about nutrition, and also on cancer, be sure to check them out. Quite frequently, although not always, pets that need a splenectomy have cancer.   We recommend the Pet Cancer Package along with the Liver Support Kit (Lypozyme, Power Probiotic and Liver Support formula)

Q: My cat has been diagnosed with cutaneous and splenic mast cell tumors (there's no tumor but the
spleen is enlarged and cancerous cells have been found there as well).I'm torn what approach to take.

I'm thinking of going the oral chemo route to see how he reacts, but I'm wondering if there are additional supplements I can give him? Currently he is on a prescription diet, this has worked for him and halted reoccurrence of his UTI issues. But I also read that high protein, hypoallergenic, grain-free food will reduce overall inflammation, your thoughts?

A: Sorry your kitty has been so sick.  The diet you are using is not what we would recommend for a pet with cancer.  It contains grains, chemicals and pets with cancer need a low carbohydrate diet.  To prevent UTIs and bladder problems, use Pet UTI prevention formula, Power Probiotic, Notatum drops (these are incredible and very easy to administer to cats) and Renelix (helps prevent crystals).  If you use this combination and switch to a better diet, you will greatly improve your cat's immune health overall.  We have treated many pets with chronic urinary problems that have switched from the prescription foods to a natural diet and used the supplements with only great results.

The AllerEaze, Amazing Omegas and Immune Harmony along with the above products is a very good combination.  The Onco-X is a fantastic product but doesn't taste very good so it is harder to administer to a cat.  You would have to put it in a syringe and mix with broth......just letting you know because you might want to try some of the other