Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pet Halloween Safety Tips

(Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN, AFP/Getty Images)

Candy-Keep candy away from your furry friend.  Chocolate and Xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in many sugar-free products (including gum) can be extremely toxic to pets.

Costumesif you are dressing up your pet, try the costume on before Halloween to make sure it fits comfortably and does not hinder their movement and keep them away from open flames, such as lit jack-o-lanterns.

Choking Hazards- Whether it is candy, the candy wrappers,  or  a costumes near their face Halloween opens up the possibility to choking.

Control the Environment- Many pets have anxiety with ringing door bells (and seeing strangers in strange costumes) and unless your pet is particularly outgoing, it is best to keep them safe and quiet in a separate room.

Collar-  With the opening and closing of the door multiple times a night your pet could escape. Be sure he/she has a current tag and license secured onto their collar. 

Calming- Provide items that help your pet feel safe, secure and calm. It could be a favorite toy, blanket, stroking their head or securing them in their crate.  It is important to understand their needs.