Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rosemary and Seizures in Dogs

Q:  Dear Ask Ariel:  My 9 month old pug Pugsley, is having seizures.  Is there a proven link between rosemary and seizures, especially in small breed dogs?

A:      This is a GREAT question and I am so glad you asked because seizures in dogs can be greatly improved with holistic care.  Seizures in a young dog are often related to some of the following issues:
1) food allergies--food allergies can be a trigger
 2) low thyroid function---Pugsly could be borderline thyroid--be sure to discuss a thyroid panel with your veterinarian
 3) Liver problems--a comprehensive blood test will reveal if there is an issue

Dog Brain Booster  is recommended by veterinarians and has been extremely effective in controlling seizures in dogs especially when combined with AllerEaze and Neuroflam .  It is very important to put Pugsley on a completely hypoallergenic diet, preferably a raw frozen diet.  Avoid all grains and use hypoallergenic protein sources such as rabbit.  Omega 3s are extremely helpful so using the highly purified Amazing Omegas to support brain health and reduce inflammation can help greatly.  In my opinion, I have not seen a definitive link between rosemary and seizures in dogs and think addressing these other issues will yield a much more successful approach for Pugsley.