Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stress and Feline Urinary Tract Infections

Did you know that stress can contribute to your cat's chronic urinary tract infections?  For cats especially, stress can be a trigger that contributes to chronic urinary tract infections and/or feline interstitial cystitis. Stress weakens the immune system.  There might be factors you are not aware of that can be upsetting your kitty.  Sometimes company in the house or another pet in the household could be causing your kitty to hide and be stressed.  There are lots of factors that may beyond your control and others that you can do something about.  For example, feeding time can cause stress if all of the cats are eating out of the same bowl.   If your kitty is prone to stress and UTIs, try feeding your cat separately.  Using a natural homeopathic remedy for a stressed out cat can help reduce UTIs and calm down your pet.   If your cat is stressed or has anxiety, Psystabil can be very helpful.