Monday, December 3, 2012

Holistic Liver Supplements for Cats

The No-Pill Liver Support Kit contains 3 easy-to-use products proven to help pets needing liver support:

Oxicell, Liver Terrain Drops, Power Probiotic

(Please see individual product descriptions for details about each product's ingredients).

Here is how the three products work together to provide effective liver support without having to administer pills.

Power Probiotic (60 capsules):

This fabulous product has so many benefits for the liver:
*Supports digestion and overall good health
*Promotes the growth of "good bacteria"
*Helps maintain a healthy intestinal barrier that protects from the body from pathogens, reducing the workload on the liver
*Reduces intestinal inflammation

Easy to administer--even for picky pets.  Just open capsules and sprinkle on food!  Guaranteed potency and purity.
Recommended for pets with elevated liver enzymes; senior pets; pets with liver disease; pets taking medications such as prednisone and NSAIDs

Liver Terrain drops are easy to use and provide gentle support for pets.
Just a few drops on your pet's tongue or lips gives them valuable nutrients to support their liver. If your pet has been diagnosed with liver disease, you need to make important dietary changes and use supportive products that can help heal and nourish the liver.  Liver Terrain is a state-of-the-art sublingual formula designed to provide herbs, nutrients, essential ionized co-enzymes and co-factors for building and fulfilling the terrain of the liver.  

Oxicell (lotion pump applied topically):
* Powerhouse of essential antioxidants
* Reduces inflammation
* Helps reduce elevated liver enzymes
* Energizing, especially for senior pets and people
* Easy to use--No-Pills!