Sunday, December 16, 2012

Best Probiotic for Cats and Dogs

The Best Probiotic for Cats and Dogs---Power Probiotic

Indicated for: bad dog breath, diarrhea, digestive problems, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), allergies, pets that have been on antibiotics or steroids,  chronic urinary infections, yeast, stomach upset, eye stains, poor digestion, immune support, stomatitis, pets eating a raw food diet
The Best Probiotic For Pets!  Try Power Probiotic with your pets and you will know you have found the very best.  Power Probiotic is guaranteed potency, easy to use and pets love it.  Easy to administer--even for picky pets.  Just open capsules and sprinkle on food! Guaranteed potency and purity

The difference is in the manufacturing process---All probiotics are not alike!  This is not the type of product you could find in the health food or pet store---Power Probiotic is very carefully manufactured, guaranteed to survive your pet's stomach acid so that it can help the intestinal tract. This product will really work for conditions such as diarrhea, gas, gastrointestinal issues, immune weakness, candida, bad dog breath and more. If you or your pet have taken antibiotics or prednisone in the past, this product is critical for restoring the good bacteria and balance of flora. Power Probiotic for Pets is a formulation of a carefully mixed selection of microorganisms helpful for the GI tract. The organisms in this product will help stabilize and maintain a healthy intestinal probiotic ecosystem. TzymeTM is the trademark of a proprietary blend of highly active, functional enzymes. These enzymes are pH balanced and GI tract stable. This blend is formulated to enhance the digestive process and impart systemic benefits.  Probiotics are essential for your pet's good health because they support digestion, help fight infection and enhance overall immunity.  Pets that have ever been on antibiotics or have had prednisone or even occasionally drink chlorinated water (not found only in the pool!) may have a depletion of these important beneficial bacteria.  Thus, it is critical to supplement your dog or cat with probiotics, particularly when there are symptoms of digestive disturbances, yeast overgrowth or urinary tract infections.

Not all probiotic supplements are alike.  In fact, many lose their potency before you ever open the bottle.  And... many probiotics that are manufactured for pets are of inferior quality. They are easily killed by heat, air and moisture.  The Power Probiotic for cats and dogs has been tested extensively and has shown to be 95% effective EVEN after exposure to 100 degree heat for over a week.  We have tried many pet and human probiotics on the market and have found this blend to be highly effective but also an excellent value for the quality.

Please note that it is very important to use the Power Probiotic if you are feeding your pet a raw food diet.  The Power Probiotic helps to balance out the intestinal flora and promotes optimal health and immune function.  This product can be safely used for very young pets and should be considered a part of a pet's "diet" rather than a supplement, especially if using a raw food diet.