Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Holistic Treatments for Dog and Cat Cancer

Cancer is a disease process in which healthy cells stop functioning properly and abnormal cells begin growing at an out of control rate. Normal cells grow, divide and die in an orderly fashion. Cancer cells grow and divide and instead of dying, outlive normal cells and continue to form new abnormal cells. Some cancer cells can travel to other parts of the body beyond where their development originated and again grow and replace the normal tissue. This process called metastasis occurs as the cancer cells travel through the blood stream or lymph vessels of our bodies. 

By far the best results can occur when patients use a combination of both conventional and holistic veterinary medicine when treating their pets with cancer. Regardless of the treatment protocol, a nutritious diet (click here to schedule a consultation for a holistic diet) and some carefully selected holistic supplements can only help to strengthen the pet and keep them feeling more comfortable. Research and education are key, as well as working with your veterinarian and other veterinary professionals to ensure that your pet is receiving all of the treatment alternatives possible—both conventional and holistic.

Holistic Supplements for Cancer in Dogs and Cats: 

 Pet Cancer Package - OncoPet + Immune Harmony


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