Thursday, November 10, 2011

Malamute with IBD--What diet and supplements can help?

Q: My 8 y/o Alaskan Malamute has IBD. He is currently going through a flare up due to stress because we recently moved to New Mexico from Nevada with the military. Lab tests have ruled out parasites and other diseases so the vet diagnosed it as stress induced IBD flare up. I agrees since I can see that he is stressed at home. What can I do to calm his mind and digestive tract? Please help. when my baby is not feeling well I don't feel well.

A: IBD is generally a result of food allergies. There are supplements that will definitely help your malamute such as the Ask Ariel IBD Kit. In addition, it is really important that the diet you give your malamute avoids the allergic foods indicated in this webinar: