Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holistic Care For Dog with Seizures Offers Hope For All

Legend's Big Day--Just wanted to take a moment and share my joy that Legend, my husky rescue dog just celebrated 6 months without having a seizure. He is not taking any medication--we have achieved these results purely with holistic care. Prior to having him, Legend was exposed to many toxins. He is such a sweet, gentle dog and gets along with everybody.

Anyhow, my wonderful boy started getting the most awful grand mal seizures. It is hard to explain to anyone who has not witnessed the suffering---the pet loses complete control of bodily functions, stares at you with blank eyes and paddles uncontrollably on the ground. It is heartbreaking. We put Legend on a completely hypoallergenic diet and use a combination of omega oils and supplements such as Liver Rescue, Brain Vitale, Neuroflam, Oxicell, Biothyro, etc. I feed him 3x a day because I noticed the seizures always happened after several hours of not eating. The time between seizures spread out--initially it was 13 days and then 2 months, etc and now we are so blessed to be at this point. I just want to share hope with all of you so that you know that even when it seems that there is no possibility of success, trying a natural approach can (sometimes requires some trial and error) have a positive outcome.