Saturday, August 13, 2011

Prevent Cancer, Liver Disease and Kidney Disease in Your Pets By Getting Blood and Urine Laboratory Testing

Can you really prevent cancer, liver disease and/or kidney disease in your cat or dog by going to the vet? The answer is yes. Early detection is key and by going to get your cat or dog's blood and urine values checked out when your pet ISN'T sick can prevent future problems from getting worse. Most of us rely on how our pets are "feeling" and acting and mistakenly think their pet is fine. This is because pets will hide their symptoms. "In the wild" it is a sign of weakness and a primitive signal to predators that they are vulnerable. It is very common for pet owners to say "my pet was fine" and then all of a sudden developed cancer, kidney failure or other serious diseases. Don't delay--get the immediate preventative blood and urine tests done now and don't wait until your pet is sick.

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An ounce of prevention can save your pet's life and give you a lot more time with your cat or dog. All you need to do is make the upfront short-term investment and go to the veterinarian for laboratory testing. Even if your veterinarian doesn't suggest it (many won't due to the added expense for the pet owner), be your pet's best advocate and request a comprehensive blood test AND urine analysis. This will give you a good baseline that you can use in future years. How can this help prevent disease? of the most common issues is that diseases can sneak up on your pet. So, for example, your cat's most recent blood value BUN and creatinine (measures of feline kidney disease) may be on the high range of normal. But, then the next time you come back, your kitty is in full renal failure. By having the baseline, you will be able to assess how quickly your kitty's kidney disease is progressing and the type of action steps you will need to take to prevent further decline.

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Regarding cancer, one of the most common situations occurs when an older pet stops eating very well. Owners mistakenly conclude it is just "old age". Quite often, it is some type of disease setting in such as kidney or liver disease that is giving the pet acid stomach and making them not want to eat. By getting the proper laboratory tests done, you can be assured, you are truly taking care of your pet from the inside out.