Friday, July 15, 2011

Power Probiotic For Pets on Sale!

Save 15% on Power Probiotic through Saturday July 16th

Easy to Use--Excellent Value!--Great for Cats and Dogs

Power Probiotic is our flagship bestseller that delivers superior results and is easy to use. Open capsules and sprinkle/mix in your cat or dog's food. Most cats will tolerate this in their food making it especially convenient for cats with kidney and urinary concerns. Our Power Probiotic is third party tested and is not your average probiotic found at the health food or pet store. This is a powerful, mult-strain formula that is effective for all pets, young and old.

Power Probiotic is critical for people and pets with the following conditions:

1) Bad breath

2) Digestive issues, IBD

3) Liver and galbbladder conditions

4) Chronic infections

5) Skin problems

6) Urinary and kidney issues