Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Feline Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Does your cat have a feline urinary tract infection?
Signs of a dog urinary infection or feline UTI include frequent urination, painful urination, mucus or blood with urination and sometimes excessive drinking. Please remember diet is EVERYTHING and we have seen pets completely resolve urinary tract infections just by changing the diet. Please consider a holistic pet health consultation---one consultation could save your pet the misery of many more infections. Click here to learn more.

Urinary tract infections can become a chronic problem. This can occur because even if the infection is temporarily stopped with antibiotics, the underlying tissue is still inflamed and ripe for reinfection. Furthermore, antibiotics can disrupt the intestinal flora and good bacteria which are needed to fight off infections. You can prevent your pet from getting chronic urinary tract infections by using our UTI Prevention Formula along with the Probiotic.

All probiotics are NOT alike. Many, even refrigerated probiotics lose their potency long before the user ever opens the bottle. Many probiotic formulas do not survive the stomach acid and never make it to the intestinal tract. Ask Ariel has carefully researched the probiotic formulas we offer.

It is important to keep your pet’s urine pH neutral (6.6-7.0) with supplements such as Cranberry and Vitamin C found in the UTI Prevention Formula. In addition, regular monitoring of your pet’s urine pH can be done at home to closely manage infections.

A Candida Albicans (yeast) overgrowth can contribute to chronic urinary tract infections. Mycozyme can help you control your pet's yeast overgrowth.

Ask Ariel has extensive experience effectively eliminating dog urinary tract infections and feline UTIs through supplementation WITHOUT antibiotics. We have proven success using these dog urinary tract infection and feline UTI supplements and then RETESTING without any signs of abnormal urinary bacterial overgrowth. Holistic pet care can be highly effective in treating dog urinary tract infections since many times, it is just a matter of building up your dog or cat's immune system, restoring the normal bacterial flora and protecting the urinary tract environment so that it doesn't promote excessive bacterial growth.

Our best combination of products to help prevent chronic dog urinary tract infections and feline UTIs from coming back is:
UTI-Prevention Formula (helps heal urinary tract lining and keep bacteria from attaching to urinary tract) + Probiotic (restores good bacteria to help fight bad bacteria) + Argentyn (anti-bacterial formula) + Akutur (reduces inflammation, helps with UTI pain and infection)

If your dog or cat has bladder or kidney stones or crystals, it is highly recommended that you use Renelix as it flushes toxins from urinary tract and is especially helpful for kidney infections and kidney disease.. For ongoing infections--use Mycobactin/Notatum which is a powerful infection fighter as well as Samento.

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