Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ariel Rescue Finds a Wonderful Home For Zeke, An Abandoned Stray Dog at the Shelter

Pictured above is Ariel Rescue dog Zeke (tan/white dog) along with his sister Xena. Zeke is a 6 month old labrador retreiver mix from the OC shelter. He came into the shelter as a stray. He was so frightened, he would not walk, not one step. He had to be carried to the visiting area for the Ariel Rescue volunteer to meet him. After he was rescued, he had to be carried out of the shelter to the car, carried to the vet and, finally, carried into the home of the house where he was fostered.

Two weeks of loving care from the Ariel Rescue volunteers helped Zeke find a forever home. Here he is happy at last, a few weeks later with his new sister. Many rescue dogs may display unusual behaviors, refusing to eat, walk and act as though they wish they were "invisible". This is out of sheer terror. Once they know they are safe, they become a wonderful pet.

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