Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Dog Joint Support Supplements Really Work!

Our Dog Joint Support Supplements Really Work!

"Tootsie was a stray who came into our local shelter. I brought her home to foster her for Internet MinPin Service a year ago. She was somewhere around 10 years old at the time. She apparently had injuries to her back legs. There was little muscle tone and she could barely walk, often holding one leg up as she tried. I started her on a glucosamine/chondroitin preparation but saw little progress. Three months later someone told be about Askariel products and I purchased the Amazing ArthroSoothe and started her on that. She made amazing progress. Within a month she was able to use the leg that previously she had not walked on. A couple months later she was able to go at a fast walk and a few more months and she could trot. Six months after starting the Amazing ArthroSoothe she was able to actually run. Today you would never know that her back legs had been so bad. She has good muscle tone, runs, uses steps, and never has any more discomfort." Jean Ensor

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Regular Retail Price For All Three Products: $80.50

The Dog Arthritis package contains 3 formulas: Amazing Omegas fish oil, Amazing Arthrosoothe and Curcumin Complex for pets. This is a basic kit that will provide general support for most joint problems. However, some pets that have severe joint issues should use additional products such as Collagenex 2, Mobility 2 or Special SAMe for extra pain relief and support.

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