Monday, January 17, 2011

Dog Arthritis--Dog Limping, Dog Stiffness--Joint Support Supplements Can Help!

If your dog is stiff, limping or slowing down, it is easy to feel helpless and sad. We don't want our dogs to be in pain. Conventional veterinary care will often focus on using pain and anti-inflammatory medications such as Metacam, Deramaxx, Rimadyl and Tramadol. While these medications can certainly provide short-term relief, there is so much more you can do to rebuild your dog's health and get them moving again.

Most people just don't realize how much and how quickly dog joint suppport supplements can help keep a dog young and healthy-acting---even old dogs can pick up the pace, jump on the bed and be lively again.

The first step is to get your dog's condition diagnosed by a veterinarian. Your dog may be slowing down, limping, having difficulty getting up and down, stiff in the mornings or when it is cold, or just walking and moving slower. Be sure your veterinarian rules out any other potential causes such as cancer. Then, get started on your dog's personal wellness and joint support campaign and watch how quickly you can get your dog moving again!

Step 1: Clean up your dog's diet. Don't give your dog acid-forming foods that contain grains, preservatives or chemicals. Most commercial diets are full of grains. Consider going to a boutique pet food store (rather than the big chains) and look into some of the grain-free options such as Natures Variety  Add some green beans or chopped broccoli to your dog's diet to add fresh enzymes and valuable vitamins and minerals.

Step 2: Give your dog a premium fish oil. Don't skimp on quality or you will see it in the results. Many fish oils contain contaminants and most pet fish oils are highly watered-down. Salmon oil is ok because pets like the taste but if you really want to get your dog moving and reduce inflammation--you need to add some powerful, purified fish omegas to your pet's regimen. We LOVE Amazing Omegas because a little bit goes a LONG way. Amazing Omegas is purified of chemicals, PCBs and toxins and contains a combination of anchovy and sardine oil. So many clients report the incredible difference they see when using Amazing Omegas vs other oils. It really works!

Step 3: Add natural canine joint support supplements to your dog's regimen. Medications (eg NSAIDs---non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications) for dogs can be hard on their liver and kidneys. Use these medications judiciously and try to rebuild and repair your dog's joints and ligaments. NSAIDs are pain relievers--they do not help improve your dog's joint support. That is what supplements do. Use a combination joint support formula that contains more than just glucosamine---should contain herbs such as boswelia and turmeric, as well as MSM and hyaluronic acid. We have terrific results using Amazing Arthrosoothe, especially when it is used with the complete Pet Arthritis Package.
Step 4: Look into getting acupuncture or chiropractic for your dog. Many practitioners offer these services and it can really help.
By following these simple steps, you can see near-miraculous results in just a few weeks. Don't wait until your dog is hardly walking to get started. Be proactive and take steps now to keep your doing moving and healthy.