Sunday, October 24, 2010

Supplements For Dog Needing Kidney and Liver Support

Q: My 15 yr old mixed lab has arthritis in her spine and has been on Metacam and Dermax in the past couple of yrs. This week I started her on Inflammatone, Amazing Omegas and ArthroSoothe, so I am hopeful. Yesterday, her routine blood work showed her Alt(SGPT)134 and her kidney enzymes are up over the last 6 mos with a BUN 62, Creatine 1.9, Bun/Creatine Ratio of 33. in April 2010, her B/C Ratio was a normal 16. I understood the vet to say that she has lost 75% of here kidney function. Does that sound right? She is frail because of her arthritis in her spine, moves slowly, otherwise, seems to be fairly well. Besides her advanced age, I thought it could be the Metacam causing the elevations. She is on a low protein diet recommended by the vet. Could you please advise a kidney and liver support.

A: Congratulations on having your dog celebrate a 15th birthday. That is just wonderful! We have a lot of great supplements for kidney and liver support. You can try Oxicell which is a topical cream that helps both kidney and liver as well as Purrfect Pet CoQ10. Both of these would be very helpful. Also, Protease and Renelix (kidney detox) too.