Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Natural Treatment for Dog and Cat Urinary Tract Infections

Pet UTI Prevention Package for Urinary Tract Infections
Veterinarian-Approved Because It Really Works!
If your cat or dog has been suffering with chronic urinary tract infections, we can help:

1) PET UTI PREVENTION Package to address different types of UTI problems such as stones, crystals or just frequent infections
2) INDIVIDUAL SUPPLEMENTS--purchase package supplements separately depending upon your budget and your pet's individual needs
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1) Pet UTI Prevention Formula--acidifies the urine and helps keep bacteria from collecting on bladder walls
2) Probiotic--fights infection and yeast--imperative if your pet has been on antibiotics. If you don't use this, no matter how acid the urine, the infection will most likely return. In your pet's best interest, we require Probiotic to ensure success in tackling your pets chronic UTIs.
3) Renelix--flushes out the toxins from the kidneys and urinary tract. Helps restore normal kidney and urinary tract function. Helps with inflammation, bladder and kidney stones, crystals and mineral deposits. Use this product if your pet has ever had kidney or bladder stone or crystals or kidney disease or incontinence.
4) Akutur-- provides pain relief in the urinary tract, reduces inflammation and helps restore balance in the bladder and pelvic floor--especially important for interstitial cystitis
5) Notatum-infection fighter--this product is excellent for long-term use to keep infections under control, boosts immune function, helps get rid of infections even when the pet is not responding well to antibioticsDiet is a big culprit with chronic UTIs.