Friday, October 1, 2010

Dog Vomiting and Dog Acid Stomach Switching to a New Diet

Q from meechingurl:
My dog Lucky has been eating pedigree for 11 years. I just found out how terrible it is for dogs so I tried to change her food to evo. But she just threw up and had loose stool even with me adding 12 kibble pieces. Then I tried to put her on chicken soup for dog lover's. She seemed ok until I completely transitioned her. Now she's vomiting and eating grass again. What should I do?!

A: Dear Meechingurl:

It is very good that you are getting educated about nutrition and are trying to take care of your dog Lucky. It is never too late to try to help your dog and even small dietary changes will make a difference. Sometimes though when people or pets try to make changes too quickly, it can cause a "detox" reaction. To help Lucky through this transition, you need to do two things: 1) support Lucky using some important vitamins that will help her manage the transition and 2) detox out some of the toxins and use a milder food that is more similar to what she has been eating without all the chemicals.

To help her canine stomach acid (grass eating) and enable her to transition to a better food, use the following: Renelix--this product helps clean out accumulated toxins, Oxicell-antioxidant formula that helps fight free radicals, Probiotic--important for digestion and overall health, Soothing Digestive Relief--very gentle digestive enzyme that helps with vomitting and diarrhea and Gastro ULC (helps tremendously with stomach acid). Try transitioning at first to a very mild food such as Natural Balance sweet potato and duck or sweet potato and bison. Also, you might want to try using canned food and add some steamed green vegetables (fresh or frozen not canned) such as green beans along with it. The green beans help to neutralize the stomach acid. The EVO food is very rich and high in protein and fat--it is too much for an 11 year old that has been eating a reduced protein, high carbohydrate diet.  You are applauded for making this change for Lucky and we wish you all the best!