Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lymph Terrain for Feline Intestinal Lymphoma and

Introducing Lymph Terrain For Lymphoma and Intestinal Lymphoma For Cats and Dogs
Lymph Terrain are gentle drops similar to Kidney and Heart Terrain that can easily be administered to your pet. A few drops help your pet to gently detox and drain toxins from the lymphatic system. When toxins are building up faster than your body can remove them, the lymph system can become sluggish (e.g. lymph nodes become swolen and toxins stagnate). Using Lymph Terrain provides detox support and gentle drainage of the lymph system. This is especially important when pets have lymph-related health conditions and weak immune systems. Moreover, it provides vitamins to help support the pet's overall lymphatic system as well.Special Introductory Price: $21.50 (Save 10%) Regular Price: $24.50