Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dog Licking Groin and Genitals

Q: our one dog is on lasix for heart murmers, i guess because that is a diuretic it is why she licks her crotch more than normal, my parents never brought that up to the vet, that she does it a lot.
the vet gave us Pronin because my mom misrepresented her peeing problem (separation anxiety i guess, or 'can't hold it in, pee now'
that drove her insane, made her swell, and need to go out evry 5 minutes.
but she just seems to gnaw/lick there a lot.and grunts

A: Sorry your dog is so uncomfortable. You should definitely change your dog's food to be sure it is GRAIN-FREE--no corn, wheat and no byproducts. Your dog may have a urinary tract infection so definitely bring her to the vet to have that checked. Most likely, it is a yeast overgrowth as well. The following products would help your poor dog's discomfort:

K9 Yeast Defense + Power Probiotic + NotatumAmazing Omegas

You can find the products on This will help greatly to relieve some of the itching and discomfort.