Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dog With Chronic UTIs--Response To Roxy's Mom

Anonymous said...
I found this blog really interesting. My dog Roxy has suffered chronic uti's for many years. I bring her to the vet and they just give me the same old antibiotics. I feed her Nutro Max dog food and Costco dog biscuits. Do u have any suggestions?-Roxy's MOm in Washington State.

Susan Blake Davis, CCN Response to Roxy's Mom:

Thanks so much for following the Holistic Vet and Pet Nutrition Journal. We really appreciate it and are hoping to get more followers. There is a lot you can do to help Roxy. Unfortunately, there are many people just like you who care so much about their pets and are discouraged to see their pets suffer with these painful urinary tract infections.

First, it is important to know how much diet affects chronic UTIs. Many times both dogs and cats suffer with urinary tract infections primarily as a result of the food they are eating. There are two major contributing factors: food allergies (e.g. grains, corn, milk products, chicken, etc) and also too many carbohydrates. Many pet owners don't realize that giving their dogs biscuits can contribute to allergies (itching, scratching, skin problems) as well as to chronic UTIs. And... many dog foods (such as the one you are using) contain grains, corn or wheat gluten all of which can be potential allergens. The allergic food creates a lot of inflammation and creates an environment where yeast and bacteria can overgrow. Carbohydrates feed yeast and bad bacteria.

Then, as you give your dog antibiotics, the problem clears up for a short while only to return again. So....the food is one culprit but also you need to replenish the dog and cat's immune system with good bacteria that were killed by the antibiotics. Antibiotics kill both the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria enabling yeast to overgrow. This is a viscious cycle and is often seen frequently in many women as well. To combat this, we need to get our pets (and ourselves) on a reduced carbohydrate diet free of high allergen foods and use supplements to help rebuild and repair.

The products that will really help Roxy with her condition are PET UTI Prevention Formula, Probiotic and Notatum for starters and then if the problem persists, it would be best to schedule a consultation. Please be sure to change her diet---you might want to consider changing her diet to a hypoallergenic canned or raw food diet. Avoid biscuits and other treats that contain grains and use Wildside Salmon treats or vegetables such as baby carrots in their place.