Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kidney Disease--CRF or Renal Insufficiency?

This is a response to a comment we received on our post regarding Kidney Disease in Cats and Dogs Part I:

Dear Dr. Gordon:
In 2006 I noticed that my 14 year old cat was drinking more than usual. She was 'diagnosed' with early crf on the basis of blood tests which showed moderately raised levels of Creatinine and Urea (BUN). I switched her to a low phosphorus diet and her Creatinine levels are now only slightly raised, though her Urea is unchanged.Although she drinks more than she did in her youth, my cat is still concentrating her urine - her gravitation index is normal. She is in great shape for a 17 year old cat - she eats well, has a glossy coat and still jumps up on our beds. So was the diagnosis of early crf incorrect? If the gravitation index is still normal, maybe the term pre-crf would be more accurate. What do you think?

Dr. Gordon:

CRF is really an inappropriate terminology. I prefer renal insufficiency and I believe your kitty was in early renal insufficiency.