Sunday, April 12, 2009

Benefits of Detoxifying Your Pet

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Why Is It Important To Detoxify Your Pet?

In many ways, your pet’s elimination organs: liver, kidneys and lymphatic system are analogous to the oil filter in a car. You need to keep them clean or the “blood” (e.g oil in the car) gets dirty. When the job of these organs becomes overextended, the body cannot filter out as much as it should and disease can set in.Daily exposure to a wide variety of toxins can seriously affect your pet's health. Examples of toxins? Highly processed chemically-enriched diets filled with colorants and preservatives, exposure to second hand smoke, insecticides, pollution to name just a few. Exposures to toxins can weaken your pet's immune system, reduce metabolic functioning and "age" your pet.

Let's use the liver as an example. One of the key roles of the liver is to process and filter out harmful chemicals. The liver performs complex biochemical reactions so that these chemicals may be safely released from the body. If the liver becomes overloaded following years of poor diet, medications and exposure to toxins, your pet’s liver can become overburdened. Liver enzymes may become elevated and other problems may arise such as digestive issues.

It is a good idea to help your pet’s elimination system function optimally by using holistic care BEFORE disease sets in. For example, if your pet is taking pain medications such as Rimadyl or Deramaxx, these medications can negatively impact your pet’s liver. However, if you use liver detoxification supplements such as Liver Rescue or ApoHepat, you can minimize the potential impact of these medications. Similarly, giving senior cats Renelix, a detoxification formula for the kidneys, before the cat is in an advanced stage of renal failure can be helpful as well.

Certain foods can help to naturally detoxify the body. Green vegetables contain not only valuable vitamins and minerals but they also contain natural cleansers and antioxidants that help to purify the blood. Giving your pet green vegetables such as green beans, squash or asparagus, along with some carrots can provide fresh enzymes and extra nutrition. It is never too late to give your pet increased vitality and energy by adding a detoxification program and extra nutrition to their diet.