Friday, October 14, 2022

What Can You Do For Hairballs?

Diet and digestive issues are usually the main culprits when cats have a chronic hairball problem. Here are four tips to help reduce hairballs:

1) Feed a high moisture, low carbohydrate, novel protein diet. A raw frozen or canned cat food that limits allergens like poultry, grains, fish and soy can be helpful for cats with hairball issues. Cats are carnivores and high carbohydrate diets containing grains and legumes can be hard to digest.
2) Probiotics and prebiotics (help the friendly bacteria to survive) are helpful. Consider adding Power Probiotic if your cat has hairballs as it is a trusted multi-strain probiotic supplement with prebiotics. Digestive enzymes like Soothing Digestive Relief can also help.
3) Adding fiber in the form of pumpkin, squash or sweet potatoes may be helpful and can keep your cat's digestive tract moving along.
4) Try to brush your cat a few times a week to improve skin and coat. Brush your kitty a few times a week.