Sunday, October 9, 2022

16 Year Old Maltese Mix Recovers From Chronic UTIs

 "My precious sweet baby Lilly will be 16 in 7 weeks and we really thank Susan Davis for that.  When we first discovered the Ask Ariel website in 2013 Lilly was suffering from chronic UTI's.  With Susan's diet and supplement recommendation, she never had to go back to the vet for chronic UTI's again and it saved us a fortune and Lilly wasn't suffering anymore.  Just two years ago Lilly's kidney values were really high (it crept up very fast even with 2 comprehensive vet visits a year)  and once again with Susan's diet tips and Ask Ariel's wonderful supplements,  her kidney values are normal again.   Lilly takes about 12 products total from Ask Ariel, which also includes for her Luxating Patellas, Collapsed Trachea and a little cognitive decline."  Renee, MN