Friday, July 15, 2022

Common Lung Issues That Affect Pets and How To Help

Lung and breathing problems are common reasons for pets to wind up in the emergency room. When a pet is struggling to breathe, it is very scary and cause for alarm. There are many reasons why your pet may be having respiratory distress and taking your pet to the veterinarian quickly for a diagnoses will often lead to the most favorable outcome.  

Every cell in the body needs oxygen. The lungs are your pet's air filtering system. They send oxygen to cells through the bloodstream and exchange it for waste gas (carbon dioxide). The lungs exhale the waste gases to remove them from your pet's  body.  Proper breathing requires that the lungs function at an optimal level.  There are many factors that can affect your pet's lung function and breathing.  Some common factors that can cause breathing problems in pets include allergies, bronchitis, excess weight,  asthma, infections (viral and bacterial), heart diseasecollapsed trachea and cancer

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