Sunday, March 20, 2022

Springtime & Allergies In Dogs & Cats

Happy Spring

Spring is here! Blue skies and sunshine. Spring brings warmer weather and longer days. Your pets may show subtle behavior changes, such as spending more time sunbathing, waking up earlier and having extra energy. Springtime can also mean a pickup of allergy symptoms due to the increased pollen in the air from flowers, trees and grasses.  Both cats and dogs can have environmental allergies.  Pets not only breathe in the pollen but they also come in direct contact by rolling in the grass or lounging in the yard. While people may show signs of "hay fever" such as runny nose and upper respiratory symptoms, allergy symptoms in pets most often involve the skin.  Pets commonly scratch, lick, itch and tear their fur out in response to exposure to allergens.  The good news is that holistic care can help relieve these symptoms, helping your pet feel much more comfortable.