Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What Is A Novel Protein Diet For Pets?

A novel protein diet for pets contain a protein source that your pet has not eaten before. But why feed this? Most brands of pet food contain beef, chicken, lamb and turkey. These proteins are common sources of food allergies or sensitivities (from eating the same food for a long time) that can lead to IBD, skin problems, ear infections and more. Many pet owners find that switching to a low carbohydrate, novel protein diet such as a raw frozen rabbit or venison diet can give their pets great relief. Choosing a novel protein source isn't the only concern however. Avoiding grains and legumes (frequently found in dry kibble) along with a novel protein will often provide the best results. A well balanced raw frozen, novel protein diet (e.g. rabbit, vegetables and omega oils) is the gold standard in pet nutrition. For more pet nutrition tips, please visit