Monday, June 22, 2020

Pancreatitis Affects Cats Differently Than Dogs

Pancreatitis is a common ailment that affects both cats and dogs.  Pancreatitis affects cats and dogs differently.  While pancreatitis in dogs is frequently caused by eating spoiled or high fat foods, in cats there may be other causes involved.  Many cats with pancreatitis may also have diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and liver disease. Symptoms can include loss of appetite, dehydration and fatigue. Many cats experience flare-ups caused by diet however. Feeding a hypoallergenic, highly digestible diet along with LypoZyme and Power Probiotic can help. LypoZyme helps to break down protein and fat, making it easier to digest. Power Probiotic supports healthy digestion and repopulates friendly flora. For a more detailed discussion about how to help your cat with pancreatitis using a holistic approach please click here