Sunday, September 15, 2019

Probiotics And Colostrum Can Help Pets With Bad Breath

Does your dog or cat have bad breath? Before you give your pet a dental treat, please understand that bad breath is not just a cosmetic issue. It can be a sign of an underlying health concern such as acid stomach, dental infections or poor digestion. All of these issues contribute to plaque, tartar build-up and bad breath. Be sure to bring your pet to the veterinarian for a dental check and revisit your pet’s diet! Power Probiotic and Colostrum For Pets promote a healthy digestive tract which along with feeding a hypoallergenic, fresh diet (raw frozen diets improve digestion!) can make your dog or cat much more kissable! 

Give Your Cat and Dog The Very Best Probiotic

1. Pure, Natural, NO FILLERS!
2. Provides powerful immune support
3. Freshens breath and improves digestion
4. Helps prevent recurrent infections 
5. Controls allergies and tear stains

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Improves Bad Breath And Tear Stains

Bad breath and tear stains are not just cosmetic issues. They can be sign of an underlying health issue such as acid stomach, dental or gum infections, allergies (food and environmental) or poor digestion. Colostrum for Pets helps repopulate good bacteria and supports a healthy mouth and digestive tract. For optimal results, we recommend using this product along with Power Probiotic. While the Colostrum for Pets helps to support an inflamed gastrointestinal tract, Power Probiotic repopulates good bacteria. They can be combined together nicely as they both have a milky taste.